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MyKeyMiKe, born Michael Zavolas has been entertaining club & partygoers for almost a decade now. Starting out mixing mostly Hip-Hop, Droppings tracks from great rappers & producers such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Run-DMC, The late 2pac & Notorious Big, And also loving the smooth & soulful sounds of R&B from such greats as Michael Jackson ,Soul 2 Soul & Jodeci & who could forget the bass & booty dropping tracks of Dj Magic Mike, Rob Base & The 2 Live Crew !!! MyKeyMiKe was definitely on his way. A couple years back though MyKeyMiKe was introduced to the electrifying sounds of EDM – Break beats, House, and Trance to be more exact. Such artists as Tiesto, BT, D.j. Icey, Sharaz, & D.j. Fixx brought new sounds and effects to the table. With their heart pounding bass kicks & synths that would send your mind traveling , It brought out the whole meaning of being a “TRUE DJ” -one who can mix and play anything with a beat !!!! This took MyKeyMiKe to the next level of his career. And made him the “Party Rocker” that he is today. Watch as he transitions from one genre to another and than to another always leaving the crowd wanting more!!! His awesome style of mixing & fresh selection of music keeps the dance floor packed & the party going throughout the night, and if that isn’t enough his energy alone that he brings to the tables keeps the party going all night


Current Track:

Current Track:

So Much Louder Than Words by djmykeymike

Current Track:
New Generation Rapture (MyKeyMiKe BOOM ReFix)

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